Whether we are creating intimate events for loyal clients who welcome us into their homes, or collaborating with corporate clients to deliver their vision on large scale events, Monarch Hospitality’s impeccable standards remain the same. Held in high acclaim for our Lavish food stations and Dazzling displays, but behind the style are beautiful flavors and exceptional fare that is always prepared onsite. guaranteeing restaurant quality food at your event.

We could have stopped at providing delicious cuisine but we are much more than just a caterer. Behind every delectable bite and WOW moment is a dedicated team there to ensure that your event is nothing less than miraculous. Monarchs capabilities include entire project management, Event design and Styling, florals, Lighting sound and AV, entertainment, Valet and Transportation. Our involvement can vary depending on your needs. It is all a part of our tailor-made service delivered to you with incomparable skill. So don’t let your event get you flustered and leave you fluttering in the wind, let monarch lead you to the event you envisioned.